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  1. There comes a time when a woman has to close a tab on her browser, a tab that’s been open now for weeks: it’s your Ravelry page. I’ve been taking visual baths in your project page to both inspire me and save my sanity. We in Washington State have been under a blanket of smoke from the Canadian fires for a full week now, and all see from my home are the red glowing sun and moon through a grey gauze of ash. The air quality is at Beijing level, and I’ve hardly left the house. The house is sealed up like a Costco package, and it’s been hot.

    Despite the above, I find myself blessed with small, transient problems, and your projects have let fresh, cool air into my brain and soul to their relief.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful work,



    1. Oh my gosh, Rebecca, you just brought tears to my eyes! First of all, I’m so sorry about your air quality and weather. Getting out in nature is so important and being deprived of it is so painful. And then, thank you for the supreme compliment! I’m so happy that my work is bringing you some relief!


  2. Hey. This is a blast from the past. Katie Thompson. How are you? Glad to see you are still into the knitting.


  3. Hi Abby! Facebook suggested you as a friend and as I snooped around, I found your blog. A few years ago I picked up knitting needles again and made some easy hats for my kids and their friends. I always thought about your creative and colorful designs and wondered if you were still at it. Wow—you certainly are prolific! So glad I found your blog and your Ravelry page. I’m on Ravelry as kkstamper (because my primary craft is card making). Thank you for your inspiration through the years! xoKathyxo


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